A large hall with many possibilities. Skien Arena houses three handball courts with Conipor sports floors, and is the largest handball facility in Telemark. Herkules and Gjerpen play their home games here, with a large and enthusiastic home crowd at their backs. The Norwegian handball teams uses this arena for training and matches. Skien Arena covers 3 000 m² and has an overall capacity reaching up to 5 000 people. There is a multi-media cube in the roof and posibilities for broadcasting.

The multi-purpose hall is light and inviting, and features a gymnastics pit and climbing wall. The hall is mostly used for gymnastics, indoor bandy, table tennis, bowls, basketball and climbing. The multi-purpose hall covers 1,000 m2 and has parquet flooring.

If you like to climb, the hall offers both a large climbing wall and a separate bouldering room. The climbing wall features several routes with varying degrees of difficulty. There are permanent top-roping fixtures on a number of the routes. The wall is 15 m high, 18 m wide and has a 5.3 m overhang. To climb this wall you must have a top roping card or lead card. Climbing equipment can be rented from us on the spot. We offer climbing courses for beginners.

All climbing without ropes takes place in the bouldering room. This provides excellent fine-motor training for children and offers an excellent warm-up and technique training opportunities for climbers. There are various types of climbing holds on the walls and ceiling. The bouldering room covers 21 m2. Come and try!

Hallen  er 45 x 70 meter og består av 3 håndballbaner med en stor kampflate på tvers av hallen.

Flerbrukshallen  er 23 x 49 m merket for ballidretter. Hallen har opplegg for turn, klatrevegg og buldrerom.

Ishallen er 4 000m ² med ishockeybane (30x60m), 3 curlingbaner (20x30m), tribuner, garderober og kafe.

På sommertid er stadion fylt med minigolf, tennis, bordtennis, shuffleboard og badminton.

På vinterstid forvandler stadion seg til en fantastisk skøytebane.


Bassenget har egen rullestolrampe. Vannet er ca 33 - 34°C.

Gulsethallen består av idrettshall, bryterom, svømmehall og treningssenter.

Gjerpenhallen er en flerbrukshall som kan deles i 3 baner. 

Mælahallen er en flerbrukshall som kan deles i 3 baner.

Kongerødhallen er en flerbrukshall. Hallen er oppmerket for håndball, basketball, volleyball, badminton og innebandy.

Menstadhallen er en flerbrukshall. Hallen er oppmerket for håndball, basketball, volleyball, badminton og innebandy.

Her finner du kriterier for utleie i kommunale haller i Skien kommune.

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