Slide stones on ice towards a target area.

Curling is a sport where players slide stones on ice towards a target area wich is segmentet into four circles. The curling court measures 20 x 30 metres and is marked up with three curling training courts. The curling court is ready for play all year round. For special events like birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties or an evening out with your colleagues, many will see the benefits of an active and team building exercise like curling.

If you want to try curling we offer:

  • Curling events for groups with a skilled instructor
  • A curling league for your company: if you are looking for a great arena to build a good and positive company culture outside working hours, curling is great.
  • Curling and wellness: a package that takes you from winter to summer in a few hours, and gives you both physical challenges as well as time for relaxation and good food
  • Have some fun – try it on your own.