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Welcome to Skien Sports and Activity Park

We offer a multitude of opportunities all in one place – all year round you can experience summer and winter, combine training sessions with wellness, experience a sense of achievement and enjoy good food with good friends.

Since the late 1960s, the area around Moflata has been an area for organised and individual sports and physical activity, as well as a natural starting point for outdoor recreation. The new Skien Activity Park opened in 2008, and is the largest investment ever to be made by Skien municipality. We want to ensure that Skien Activity Park remains a park that is able to accommodate more than what is apparent at first glance. We know that life is lived longer, more intensely and with greater positivity if our health is good. We primarily achieve good health through three factors; exercise, food and rest. This is why our services are constructed round these three pillars. At Skien Activity Park you can exercise and play in a variety of ways, eat healthy good food, and rest either in a bed or in our recreation and wellness area all year round.

With these three factors in place, the park is also an arena for the experiences, both big and small, that give meaning to everyday life. As a spectator, you can witness the highest level of sports performance through a number of sports federations, and as a parent experience your child’s first unforgettable handball goal, swimming achievement, or their first time skating unsupported.

We want everyone to feel welcome, that you are able to experience a little more than you expected, and that you enjoy your time with us so much that you want to come back.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you all to Skien Activity Park – one of Norway’s most comprehensive sports and leisure parks.

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