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 Skien fritidspark is built in our time - for the future.

Sports is a major part of community life in Skien. Many sports activities, competitive and recreational, are organized by the residents themselves in Skien fritidspark. The hard work of volunteers in clubs and associations is invaluable to the community as a whole.

The municipality of Skien invests 440 million NOK in the regions largest sports facilities. We expect that the most frequent users of Skien fritidspark is going to be the local inhabitants and the people living in the county of Telemark.

As an integrated part of the sports facilities the county of Telemark invests 180 million NOK in a new secondary school. The secondary school is named after one of Norways most famous polar explorers and a world champion gymnast, Hjalmar Johansen.

Hjalmar Johansen Secondary School is going to be one of the most modern schools in Norway. The new secondary school offers full-time education in the following areas of study.

  • Restaurant and food processing
  • Media and communication
  • Sports and physical education

 The total number of full-time students are 420.

Skien fritidspark has for many years been a centre for physical activities in this region of the country. Today the facilities consists of two indoor icerinks, an outdoor icerink, an artificial grasspitch, outdoor tennis courts, a full-size sports hall, downhill/snowboard slope with a snow cannon system, cross country skiing, tracks in the woods for walking, a playground and an Hotel. Solum Sykkelklubb (Bicycle club) has built a BMX track is situated on top of the snowboard slope.

In the summer of 2007 we opened two beach volleyball courts and two handball courts on the grounds of Skien fritidspark. Next we opened a discgolf course with 12 baskets that makes a tour in the woods for about 1,5 kilometers. Today the discgolf course consist of 27 baskets.

On the 10. of september 2007, Skienshallen, a full size sports hall, opened after being totally renovated. Skienshallen appears today as a brand new sports hall. There is a new sportsfloor, a new sound and light system, a new flexible seating arrangement and a new electric cube. The cube functions as a score board and as a four screen television where the audience is able to watch the highlights of the games.

 Flerbrukshallen, a brand new multi purpose sportshall was opened in 2007. Flerbrukshallen has a parkett floor, equipment for gymnastics and a climbing facility with bouldering. The climbing wall is 15 meters tall and has an overhang of five meters. There is also a mobile scene and 800 chairs and 200 tables to be of use in this arena. The flexibility of this sportshall makes the arena suitable to a wide range of events.

 At the beginning of 2008 we opened a large Water Park containing attractions for people of all ages.

 On the first floor we can offer.

  • 25 meter sports pool
  • Children's pool
  • Special pool with waves
  • Diving pool with 1m, 3m, 5m and 7,5 m diving boards.
  • Hot water section with bubblebath
  • Therapi pool
  • Saunas
  • A 100 meter water chute with electronic timing.
  • Cafe with a seating capacity of about 200 persons.

 There's no time limit in the water park - you can swim and stay as along as you like.

 On the second floor we can offer.

  • Comfort section
  • Fitness studio
  • School reception

The comfort section is going to offer different saunas. meditation sauna with therapy music and aromas, relaxation sauna with eucalyptus vapour, steam sauna, classic Finnish sauna and infrared saunas.

Furhtermore the comfort section has a bubblebath, massage showers, tropical rain forest showers and a room with a fireplace where you can sit down relax and let the thoughts wonder. The comfort section has an age limit of 18 years as we are going to serve wine and beer.

 The opening hours of the Water Park are going to be as following:

 Monday..........................16.00pm - 22.00pm

 Tuesday and Thursday.....06.30am - 22.00pm

 Wednesday and Friday.....12.00am - 22.00pm

 Saturday and Sunday.......10.00am - 19.00pm

The service building is the heart of Skien fritidspark. It runs for no less than 750 square meters - on two floors. The service building is the link between all sections of Skien fritidspark.

On the ground floor of Skien fritidspark you will find the reception, the canteen, the administration, the Water Park, two sports halls, the secondary school and the auditorium. On the first floor you will find the administration of the school, the library, the fitnessstudio, and the comfort section.

The reception and the canteen is right on the inside of the main entrance of the service building. In the reception you can buy tickets to the Water Park and to other venues of the the sports facilities. The canteen has a seating capacity of about 200 people. It will be open to all visitors.

The opening hours of the canteen is going til be as following:

 Weekdays: 07.30am - 21.00pm

 Weekends: 11.00am - 18.30pm

 The auditorium is situated next to the canteen on the ground floor. It has a seating capacity of 220 persons.

 The service building opene at the beginning of December 2008.

 Should you require information of any kind, please contact us at:

post@skienfritidspark.no or phone: + 47 35 54 10 00.

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